Therapy Session


What is my therapy like?

I run a bespoke service as we have different requirements that constantly change. However therapy works best with a framework so that change, growth and all-round wellbeing has a place to emerge from. Clients benefit the most by arranging a weekly 50 minute appointment at the same time each week. If this is not possible then we work to what you can manage and with the rhythm of your diary. Because of the regularity, therapy becomes a commitment to each other, just like any other relationship. Therefor I try to explain the importance of "showing up" to therapy, both physically and metaphorically, so that your investment in self actually works. 

What has happened?

Before you make contact, consider what has happened, happening or is about is about to occur. This may be obvious, this may be unclear at this point which would be equally a perfect place to start. My intention is to bring a sense of clarity to your situation. For example, is it just a divorce, or is it about what the relationship meant or means to you, what is symbolised or represented. Then we can explore how this makes you feel, act and behave. 

What do you want to get out of therapy?

For many but not all, clients come to therapy to change the way they feel or adapt patterns of behaviour. Some clients do not have a place to share honest thoughts and uncomfortable feelings making them feel unheard or not seen, so seek out this confidential space were you can be safe and free of judgment. Essentially, your personal agenda will become my own, so that you can get what you need from the work put in together. 

What might a new client experience?

Perhaps just picking up the phone, pressing send, or even uttering the words "I need help" feels impossible, overwhelming, scary or embarrassing.  A therapeutic environment can be quite a peculiar place to seek out and then actually find yourself in. Having been in the counselling chair myself before personally and during professional trainings, I have an understanding that it may feel incredibly alien to begin with. My clients find these feelings are impermanent.  In therapy, I invite you to bring all of your baggage, losses, failures, good bits, ugly parts, secrets, including four letter words. This being said, if you are feeling reserved, unable to find words that hide behind feelings or actions, then we work slowly, unpacking one bag at a time, at a speed and style that is correct for you. 

My promise to you

Counsellors and therapists tend not to make promises, however I promise you that it gets better and if it can’t be better globally, I assure you an aspect of yourself will get or feel better. 

What might be your next step?

Normally we have a brief conversation on the telephone or via email if you prefer, where we can introduce each other in the hopes to set up an initial assessment appointment. In that first meeting we can visit your story and emotions. During this session we have the time to answer questions about therapy, the process or myself. For some clients it acts like a taster session. Should you feel there is a connection between one another or the potential for one, then you would be welcome to keep that weekly appointment if convenient and build from there. 

I look forward to hearing from you when feel ready to begin therapy. 

Best wishes,