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About me and my therapy practice

Hi, my name is Gordon. Welcome! I’m an experienced counsellor based in east London, working both online and in person.

Therapy has been a part of my life since I was a child, born and raised in London by a family of analysts. Personal therapy helped me to untangle my relationship with myself and others, manage my health, and feel brave enough to be seen. 

The world is a chaotic place right now, and so many people are dealing with unknows, anxieties, and trauma.  I understand that everyone experiences the world in different and unique ways, no two individuals are the alike,so unique problems require a bespoke response.  Because of this we will work together in partnership to explore your reasons for coming to therapy, explore the root causes of the problems creating discomfort, and together build understanding and solutions, to ensure you have the emotional resilience to overcome life’s problems, and maintain meaningful lasting relationships.

Our lives are constantly creating new beginnings, change, endings, and unknowns, so it’s natural to feel unsteady or confused. We all feel a loss of control sometimes, regaining control over our own lives is dependent on our ability to cope with the stresses and trauma around us.  I can help you explore the causes of anxiety in your life, and work with you to build hope and to cope.  

Practice Description

Based in East London I see a diverse range of clients from around the world.  Within my home I have a dedicated therapy room in a quiet residential area with excellent transport links for maximum convenience.  For those who find it hard to come in doors, or feel naturally connected to nature, we can even make use of the garden, but the choice is yours.  I strive to create a therapy area that is safe, clean, and confidential so you can be heard and learn to be seen.  We are all busy at the moment, and time is precious, so sometimes online therapy might be our route forward. 

I work with my clients on a regular weekly basis. This consistency and containment can be relied upon like a crutch while your life regains balance. Together, we will work on an open-ended bases at a speed that feels right for you. All sessions are important, especially the last one. This is your opportunity to take control of your ending which can be an empowering moment if we haven’t had that chance before. Finally, I have an open door policy with normal boundaries like anyone else, to help you shape your own boundaries through calm, kind, and considered counselling.

The next step

From my own experience sitting in the chair, I know the first step of reaching out or saying the words out loudcan be a daunting one. You are coming into a non judgmental space to lesson the load. Therapy is an exploration, a journey we will undertake together.

I invite you to contact me via my website (through the ‘get in touch’ section), email directly, text, or call, so that we can arrange a telephone introduction to discuss what’s been troubling you. I can answer any questions you might have and find a good time that we can both commit to.

You are not required to prepare anything for your first session, just come as you are. It’s a time to tell me anything you think I need to know about you. Our 50 minute initial assessment session gives us time to share your story and go over how we can work best with each other going forward. 

I would encourage you to consider connecting if:-

  • your immediate reaction is to scroll to the next therapy and see if “someone else can do it”

  • You are fine 

  • Don’t know 

  • You are not

  • you think your normal has changed, slipped or can’t be managed. Consider yourself as a whole person within domestic, work, social, romantic, health, economic, spiritually, global settings.


  • Therapists tend not to make promises. I’m an unorthodox therapist with lived experience to assure you that it does get better.

  • If it can’t be better, then I promise you an aspect will look or feel better or at least different which can be just as good. 

  • Therapy can’t work if you can’t come.

I look forward to hearing from you when feel ready to begin therapy...



MBACP 386750

Telephone Number 07949 842535

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