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You experience any of the following:

  • psychic pain, unease, or symptoms you don’t understand

  • disturbed mood, manifesting as depression, anxiety or anger

  • a sense of detachment, loneliness, or emptiness within

  • patterns of repeated difficulties in work, love or friendships

  • self-destructive patterns of behaviour (towards self, including self-harm in relationships, bodily self-harm, eating disorder and substance abuse)

  • suffering from feelings of doubt, guilt, inner conflict, or low self-esteem

  • unsuccessful attempts with other types of therapies in the past

  • sexual difficulties, obsessions, or physical symptoms

  • a feeling of not being able to reach your potential

  • a sense of having lost your way or sense of self

  • a wish to develop a greater capacity to think or to feel, to achieve a deeper understanding of self

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